End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles this week warned that when World War III breaks out God won't save America because we have embraced gay rights.

On his Trunews radio program, Wiles, who has previously cheered Russia's crackdown on gays, predicted that the United States and other Western nations are playing Russian roulette by imposing sanctions on the Russian economy, the likely result of which will be a nuclear war.

“Worse case scenario is the submarines come up on the west coast and the east coast and just obliterate us while we sleep at night,” Wiles told his listeners.

“We are on the edge of World War III,” Wiles said. “And this time the United States of America does not have divine protection because we've become a nation of homosexuals and atheists and lesbians and God-haters.”

“What are you going to do America if he left and the Russian nukes show up? If the Russian submarines show up and you find out God left?”

“Who you gonna call on all you atheists. All you homosexuals. All you God-haters.”

“Is your gay god going to come and save you?” he asked.

Wiles made a similar prediction last year, only then the aggressor was North Korea.