Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has defended a law he recently signed that prescribes life in prison for gay sex.

Western nations, including the United States and Britain, have condemned the law which calls for life imprisonment for people repeatedly convicted of having consensual sex with a member of the same sex.

“I don't care what they say,” Jammeh told Press TV's Henry Bonsu. “Africans have never been homosexual. We have never seen homosexual frogs. I have cattle... I have never seen homosexual gay cattle. And homosexuality is detrimental to human existence. It is unafrican. It is unethical. It is ungodly.”

“Go to the bible and the Koran. We are Muslims and we believe in the Almighty Allah, what he says. Whatever Allah says is haram, we will make sure that it is haram to the letter. I don't care how they feel about me. I didn't introduce the death penalty here... I found it here. And the British brought the death penalty to The Gambia.”

“But it's also said,” Bonsu started, “that it was the colonials who brought in the laws against homosexuality into Africa and Africans have maintained and kept those laws, so to be truly African which would be to remove those laws forbidding homosexuality and to remove the death penalty.”

“Are you attributing that homosexuality is Africa?” Jammeh asked. “In the slave trade they sent Africans to go capture people in the bush. So those are the same type of Africans that we still have that they used against us. So I wouldn't be surprised, but homosexuality is unafrican. And let me also make it very clear: Even if the whole accept it, I Yahya Jammeh will not accept it in The Gambia. Let them go and tell me whatever that they want to tell me. Do I care? I don't. What I cared about is how the Almighty Allah sees me. I am Muslim. If I die none of them can take me to hell or heaven. But it is the Almighty Allah that can take me wherever he decides. And homosexuality would never be accepted in this country. Let them call me any name. Do I care? No I don't.”