Russell T. Davies, the creative force behind Queer As Folk and the revival of Doctor Who, has described his upcoming shows Cucumber and Banana as “50 shades of gay, and beyond.”

The 8-episode hourlong Cucumber follows Henry Best as his “old life shatters, and his new one begins.”

Banana “will follow the lives of [younger] characters orbiting around Henry” in Cucumber. Eight episodes are also planned for Banana, each of which will run 30 minutes.

According to Variety, Logo TV, home of RuPaul's Drag Race, has signed on to co-produce the new dramas, which are expected to arrive in early 2015.

It's 16 years since I created Queer As Folk, which means I've had 16 years to build up new characters, new stories and new insights into our lives,” said Davies. “Across both series, we explore gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender stories as well as love beyond labels. This is 50 shades of gay, and beyond!”