Gay rights activist, author and syndicated columnist Dan Savage has figuratively invited Mike Huckabee to suck his d**k.

Savage, a co-founder of the It Gets Better campaign, also criticizes Dr. Laura and Dr. Phil in an interview with Playboy that arrives on newsstands Friday.

“Dr. Laura is a vile piece of shit,” he said of Laura Schlessinger, the 67-year-old socially conservative radio host.

On Dr. Phil: “He's part of the advice-industrial Oprah complex. I'm not a big fan of telling women that when their husband looks at porn it's a form of cheating. That's what you say if you want to drive the divorce rate up even higher than it is.”

Savage also went after former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a former Baptist minister and vocal opponent of gay rights.

“F**k you and f**k your pity, Mike Huckabee,” Savage said. “Suck my f**king d**k. I don't need your pity, and I also didn't need your approval.”

He added: “I never said to Mike Huckabee, 'Suck my dick' [in person]. There is a long list of people I've invited to suck my d**k, though, figuratively.”

Savage described the It Gets Better campaign as bringing the support group to LGBT youth.

“I had been going around the country just gutted reading about Lucas (Billy Lucas, a 15-year-old who committed suicide after classmates bullied him for being gay),” he said. “I went from college to college but was thinking I should be going from high school to high school. But I would never get an invitation to speak at a high school, and I would never get permission to talk to a kid who needs to hear from a gay adult, because his parents are homophobic. Then it occurred to me: I don’t need anyone’s permission anymore. I don’t need an invitation. I have YouTube. I have Twitter. I have Facebook. I can bring the gay support group to that kid, whether his parents like it or not. We, LGBT adults, are going to talk to your LGBT kids whether you like it or not. We’re going to reach into their computers and their phones, and we’re going to speak to them. You can’t isolate your kids the way you used to. You can’t terrorize your kids.”

He also weighed in on parents who try to “fix” their children whom they suspect are gay: “You can't beat the gay out of a kid, but you can kill that gay kid trying.”