Rev. Jim Garlow, who currently heads the Skyline Wesleyan Church in La Mesa, California, said this week that gay marriage supporters should live in houses with improper plumbing.

Garlow made his comments during an appearance on the radio program Point of View, which is hosted by Christian conservative Kerby Anderson.

In arguing against allowing gay couples to marry, Garlow said that supporters should have to live in homes with improper plumbing and electrical.

“All the people who advocate for so-called same-sex marriage ought to have to live in homes in which the plumbers who built them, or the electricians who built them, didn't understand the difference between the male and female end of piping or plumbing or of electrical as well, and see how that home works out for them,” Garlow said.

“It doesn't work,” he added, “cuz God has made male and female spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally as complimentary to each other, completing each other.”