Out actor David Hyde Pierce says he's amazed by the “domino effect with same-sex marriage.”

Pierce returned to television this fall in a recurring role on the CBS legal drama The Good Wife.

On the critically acclaimed series, Pierce, who played Niles Crane for nine seasons on Frasier, plays a former cable news legal commentator who is running for elected office.

“I've always chosen my projects based on the quality of the writing and who I would get to work with. It's what I did with Frasier,” Pierce said during an appearance on Larry King Now. “And [The Good Wife] has such great writing, it's a lot of good writing on television nowadays. It seems to be a sort of golden age of television, but this show is particularly well written and I have so many friends in it.”

In 2009, Pierce shared that he had married television producer Brian Hargrove in California in October of the previous year.

King asked Pierce his thoughts on the increasing support for marriage equality.

I am amazed of the sort of domino effect with same-sex marriage happening throughout the states, but I think people, it had to do with visibility. All the brave people who fought for marriage and just the average American looking at these people or looking at friends or family who are gay or lesbian and realizing it's kind of hypocritical to say, 'Oh, I love you dearly, you're my best friend. Would I let you marry the person you love? Well, sorry no.'”

It just seem more important to let people live their lives. It seems in a way more American,” he added.

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