Minnesota Twins outfielder Torii Hunter this week called a reporter who asked him whether his opposition to gay marriage affected his free agency a “prick.”

The 39-year-old Hunter said in 2012 that he would be “uncomfortable” playing alongside an openly gay player because “it's not right.” (On Twitter, Hunter denied he's anti-gay.)

This year, he recorded a radio spot for the campaign to re-elect Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, saying that Hutchinson is “committed to the principles” African-Americans hold dear, “like a strong faith in God, equal justice for all, and keeping marriage between one man and one woman.”

When Hunter was signed by the Twins this week, Mike Berardino of the Saint Paul Pioneer-Press asked him whether his views had affected his career.

“It is something I don't like to talk about,” Hunter answered, “but Republican Party, Democratic Party, separated, divided we fall. Simple as that.”

“It is what it is. No, I'm not going to talk about it if you bring it up. It's not even baseball related. We can do that later, when I retire. Then, I'll tell you the truth – everything,” he responded to a follow-up question.

Then, unprompted, Hunter added: “Hey, Mike is kind of a prick, huh? No, seriously, you're a prick, man. I don't even know you. You're a prick. Seriously. Ain't nothing wrong with that man, that's your job. He's definitely a prick though.”

Commenting on the exchange at Outsports.com, Jim Buzinski said that Berardino's question was fair.

“He was asked a fair question about his job search in free agency and whether it was linked to his gay marriage views, that are increasingly in the minority,” Buzinski wrote. “And when you get in the political arena and cut an ad for a candidate, you are fair game for any questions about your political views. Hunter can't have it both ways.”