Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott has come out gay.

The coming out was simple and initially appeared to go unnoticed.

When contacted by Referee magazine, a subscription-only publication with a circulation of roughly 45,000, for a profile, Scott decided to include a photo of himself and his husband, Michael Rausch.

The article, which appeared in the glossy's October issue, did not reference Scott's sexuality. Instead, it described Rausch as Scott's “longtime companion” in the photo caption.

However, the men, together 27 years, married in November.

In an interview with Outsports, Scott, 55, said he realized he was gay at 19.

“I figured it all out when I was 19,” he said. “My coming out process was very simple. One day I just said to myself: 'I get it, you're gay. Now it all makes sense.' I realized this is who I was and what I was. I decided I can do one of two things – I can lie to myself and be miserable the rest of my life or I can accept who I am, understanding that I've got to play the game.”

“Obviously, when I sent that picture to Jeff, I knew exactly what it meant,” he said elsewhere.

Scott added that he and Rausch were previously in a domestic partnership.