Anti-gay activist Scott Lively has compared homosexuality to junk food that starves the body of proper nutrition.

Lively, who received 0.90% of the vote in his recent bid to govern Massachusetts, is well known for promoting anti-gay laws in nations such as Uganda and Russia.

During an appearance Monday on Trunews, Lively warned that growing support for gay rights would destroy the United States.

Lively, who in September insisted he does not want gays harmed or jailed, described homosexuality as an “infection” that can cause society's “immune system” to “collapse.”

“It's a process of rottenness that eventually takes over,” he said. “I was comparing it to the immune system of the body. If you stop eating healthy foods and eat nothing but junk food, you can survive for a while. But after a while your body is going to break down.”

Elsewhere on the program, Lively claimed that homosexuality was to blame for Noah's flood.

“Homosexuality is not just another sin,” he said. “It is the sin that defines rebellion against God, the outer edge of rebellion against God and is the harbinger of God's wrath. That's why the Scripture gives the warning, 'as in the days of Noah.'”

Lively, president of the Massachusetts-based Abiding Truths Ministries, recently accused the Human Rights Campaign of “deliberately trying to incite murder” against him after the organization included him in a report that outlined his anti-gay rhetoric.

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