A Florida married gay couple ordered to change their names or risk losing their driving licenses has filed a suit challenging the state's ban on gay marriage.

Daniel and Scott Wall-DeSousa received the warning from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles roughly a week after they talked with local media about how they legally changed their last names using their New York state marriage license.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the men on Tuesday asked U.S. Magistrate David A. Baker to order state officials to recognize their out-of-state marriage. Defendants in the legal challenge include the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, its executive director Terry L. Rhodes and Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

“I find it slightly offensive that this state will not honor a little document from another state,” said Scott Wall-DeSousa. “If this were a lien or a judgment or any other legal document, not only would this state accept it, but it would also enforce it.”

While four state judges and a federal judge have already declared Florida's ban invalid, the DeSousas' challenge is the first filed in a Central Florida court.

Daniel Wall-DeSousa lost his driving privileges after he refused to reapply for a drivers license using his former name.

“I made the decision I would rather give up my driving privileges than my identity,” he said.