After visiting Nazi concentration camps in Poland, Mike Huckabee suggested that gay rights could lead to a Nazi takeover.

The Fox News personality and former presidential candidate last week ended a 10-day European tour touting the achievements of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II.

The message behind Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II Tour: God Raising Extraordinary Leaders for Extraordinary Times was that God had used these three leaders to change the world.

Hitler's Germany, Huckabee stated, was the consequence of the systematic removal of God and religion “from their culture and society.”

He warned that America had also “forsaken and forgotten its God.”

“The soul of America is a sick soul,” Huckabee said, before stating that “all of us are created equal” but treating gay couples equally will destroy civilization.

“We wonder with some sense of bewilderment, how is it possible that since 1973 alone over 55 million unborn children have died in what should have been the safest place that that baby ever experienced, the womb of its mother? How did that happen? Because our pulpits were silent and forgot and failed to teach that every human life has value and worth and there's no such thing as a disposable, expendable human being, that all of us are created equal. Even our Constitution, our founders, acknowledge that, and our Bible affirms it. And our failure to speak it because it was a political issue will cause us one day to stand before a holy God with blood on our hands and explain why we did not cry out against that slaughter of 55 million.”

“If you felt something incredibly powerful at Auschwitz and Birkenau over the 11 million killed worldwide and the 1.5 million killed on those grounds, cannot we feel something extraordinary about 55 million murdered in our own country in the wombs of their mothers? Does that not speak to us? And the foundation of our society and culture, marriage, not only by which we produce the next generation but it is the entity through which God has chosen for us to create the next generation and train them to be our replacements, and when we tinker with its definition and we decide that it can mean anything we wish for it to mean and that rather than to take a biblical perspective we will take a very human one and we will base marriage on human experience and desire as opposed to biblical standard, then I fear that we will pay the consequences for having upended the very foundation which is the essence of how a civilization survives. So the soul of America is in real trouble.”