Singer Jason Mraz on Monday spoke out for gay rights, in particular equal marriage rights, while on tour in South Korea.

In a wide-ranging interview conducted by JTBC News Room anchor Sohn Suk-hee, Mraz was asked about his human rights activism.

“You openly support for same-sex marriage. What would you say to the opposites?” Suk-hee asked.

“You know, we're always evolving, ever-changing, growing, expanding. And to treat lesbians and gays, to treat them as second-class citizens, as non-equals, is following old education, is following old tradition,” Mraz answered.

“Sometimes, old education is right,” Suk-hee said.

Mraz agreed, giving the example of organic farming.

“But in the case of the human experience, everyone deserves a fair experience in life regardless of how you were born,” Mraz added. “Everyone deserves to be treated fairly.”

According to a Gallup poll released last year, a majority (59%) of Koreans says homosexuality should not be accepted by society.