What was supposed to be a joyous occasion for a gay male couple turned into a homophobic nightmare in Baja California on Friday.

After more than 19 months of legal wrangling, Victor Aguirre Espinoza, 43, and Fernando Urias Amparo, 37, were set to become the first gay couple to marry in Baja California. The men, both hairstylists, have been together 10 years.

A ruling from the Mexican Supreme Court paved the way for the couple to exchange vows in Mexicali, the state capital.

A group of roughly 12 protesters greeted the wedding party outside the Mexicali City Hall where the couple was to wed.

But even as a judge stood by to marry the men and their names were listed in the civil registry, city officials claimed they “knew nothing” about the marriage.

“Mexicali official refuses to perform ceremony for gay couple saying 'I know nothing,'” Sandra Dibble of The San Diego Union-Tribune tweeted.

The refusal was followed by a bomb threat and the entire building was evacuated.

When the couple returned later in the day, officials turned them away a second time citing paperwork problems, including inconsistencies with the men's birth certificates.

“These are dirty strategies,” Urias told the paper. “They are not respecting a federal order.”

It was uncertain how long it would take to clear up the issues, but the men remained upbeat, saying they would proceed with a planned party for Friday night.