Robert George, chairman emeritus of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), claims that allowing gay couples to marry hurts the poor.

George recently spoke at the Humanum Colloquium hosted at the Vatican. In comments to, George explained that marriage equality leads to greater divorce, which in turn hurts children and the poor.

“In my remarks this afternoon, I pointed out that the demand for the redefinition of marriage to accommodate same-sex partner is not the cause of the erosion of the marriage culture,” George said. “Rather, it's an effect, a symptom of the erosion of the marriage culture.”

“And so I said, that’s why we have to fight. We have to resolve that we will stand for marriage and fight for however long it takes – it might be 20 years, it might be 50 years, it might be 100 years – to rebuild the marriage culture and to restore in law, where it has been displaced, a sound understanding of marriage.”

“As a result of this, we will draw ridicule. We will bring scorn upon ourselves, because powerful people in institutions reject our understanding of marriage. They reject what everyone understood marriage to be until yesterday. And they claim that anyone who disagrees with them is a bigot, or a hater, or is motivated by irrational animus, or archaic religious beliefs. Yet we must suffer that, be willing to suffer that opprobrium, perhaps discrimination, perhaps the loss of friends, perhaps even conflict within the family, for the sake of rebuilding marriage, because so much for people depends on it, and especially for the poor.”