John Smid, the former leader of the “ex-gay” ministry Love in Action, on Sunday married Larry McQueen in Oklahoma.

Smid and McQueen live in Paris, Texas and have been dating for one year.

According to the Memphis Flyer, the men met three years ago.

In a Facebook post, Smid said that their acquaintance turned romantic as they gradually got to know each other.

“As we dated we shared our vision for life, our personal philosophies, and our faith values,” Smid wrote. “We found a compatibility that was comfortable and exciting.”

Smid stepped down as executive director of Love in Action in 2008.

In a revealing 2011 blog post, Smid confessed that he has yet to meet a “man who experienced a change from homosexual to heterosexual.”

“I used to define homosexuality or heterosexuality in terms describing one's behavior,” Smid wrote. “I thought it made sense and through the years often wrote articles and talked from that perspective. Today, I understand why the gay community had such an issue with my writings. My perspective denied so many facets of the homosexual experience. I minimized a person's life to just their sexuality but homosexuality is much more than sex.”