A video showing a man dressed in bright, tight clothing and carrying a bag while walking in New York City has gone viral.

According to the video's producers, the man is dressed “as a homosexual” in a black v-neck crop top, tight orange pants and black sneakers. He's also holding a matching bag with orange vertical stripes.

Passersby taunt the young white man as he walks around New York City for 3 hours.

“It's Victoria's Secret,” one man hollers, “not Victor.”

Other men are less colorful but equally offensive, shouting “faggot.”

Several women remark on his outfit.

One man tries to pick him up, flagging him down with, “What's up, handsome?”

“Wanna head home with me? Show you how to be a real man. Since you're not a real man, you need a real man to take care of you. What's the matter, man?” he asks as he's ignored.

He persists: “You went shopping today? Got a little perfume? Oh, you smell good right now.”

According to producers, the man was verbally and physically harassed more than 50 times during the filming.

The video, which is similar to one showing a woman being harassed more than 100 times as she walks the streets of New York City over 10 hours, has racked up more than 500,000 views since it was released last week. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)