Derrick Gordon on Friday became the first openly gay athlete to play in Division I men's basketball.

Gordon, who came out in April, helped Massachusetts defeat Siena 95-87.

“The 22-year-old, of Plainfield, N.J., scored 17 points and grabbed nine rebounds. He made 11 or 12 free throws, including two with 18.2 seconds remaining that helped seal the victory for the Minutemen in their season opener,” ESPN reported.

“I went into it like a regular game,” Gordon said. “I've been here before but it was good to see the support I had.”

In coming out, Gordon told ESPN that his “lie” had isolated him from his teammates.

“For my whole life, I've been living my life as a lie,” he said, adding that he came out so that “athletes never feel like they have to hide. You can be true to yourself and play the sport that you love.”

Gordon told ESPN on Friday that coming out had improved his relationship with his teammates.

“They ask me to play video games with them, eat with them,” he said. “We became a lot closer, and it shows on the court. My game has gone to another level. I'm more confident in my game; my shooting has gone up as well. I'm ready to show the whole world that I'm the complete package.”