Out singer Boy George believes being British is part of his appeal.

The 53-year-old Boy George recently announced that he and the three other original members of Culture Club – bassist Mikey Craig, guitarist Roy Hay and drummer Jon Moss – will release new music next year.

In speaking to The Desert Sun, Boy George credited his nationality as a factor in the group's popularity in the United States.

“I think part of it was the fact that I was from England,” he said. “You know, like, 'He's not one of us. We didn't create it. We don't have to take responsibility for it.' Perhaps, if Adam Lambert were British, he would have a different impact. The Scissor Sisters are American, but they seemed to do much better in England. I think, in a way, my British-ness is a part of my appeal.”

On out British singer Sam Smith, Boy George stated that he has a “beautiful voice” and is “an incredible singer.”

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