Singer Annie Lennox laments the need for labels, saying she wishes for a world where sexual orientation isn't relevant.

Lennox, who is currently promoting her latest studio album, the two-disc Nostalgia, discussed her status as a gay icon in an interview with UK gay glossy Attitude.

Well, it's not something I set out to do,” Lennox said. “I mean these labels that are put upon you, like icon, gay icon, they're sort of forced upon you.”

“It's certainly not offensive to me,” she continued. “I will take the compliment. But at the same time, it's reductive, because I think ultimately we all need to be liberated from these labels that say whether we're gay or we're straight, or whatever.”

“I would like to see a world – which is coming much more than it was 20 years ago – where it really doesn't matter what your orientation is sexually. That's the planet I live on. It makes no difference to me what a person's sexual orientation is.”

She added: “There's a funny evolution that will have to take place, from my perspective, in the so called 'gay world' where you don't even need to say gay or straight anymore, because it really doesn't matter.”