Plaintiffs challenging Ohio's ban on gay marriage have asked the Supreme Court to review an appeals court ruling that upheld the state's restrictive marriage ban.

Last week, the Cincinnati-based Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld bans in Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. The court's majority acknowledged the discrimination gay couples face – and the inevitability of marriage equality – but concluded that the issue would be better settled “through the customary political process.”

Plaintiffs in the case want their out-of-state marriages recognized by Ohio.

“By disrespecting their marriages, Ohio has done more than deny Petitioners basic legal rights to which they are entitled,” lawyers representing the plaintiffs write. “It has treated Petitioners as second-class citizens whose most intimate relationships have been denied the dignity and respect they deserve.”

While the high court has recently denied review of multiple similar challenges, the specifics in the Sixth Circuit cases differ in that the court upheld the bans, creating a disagreement between it and the four other appeals courts that have ruled on similar bans.

Similar requests are expected to be filed either Friday or Monday from plaintiffs challenging bans in Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan.