Jim J. Bullock and Mo Gaffney are among the celebrities set to guest star in the third season of Old Dogs & New Tricks.

Old Dogs & New Tricks follows four successful gay men living in West Hollywood as they approach the mid-century mark: Talent agent Nathan Adler (played by Leon Acord), one-hit wonder from the 80s Brad King (Curt Bonnem), personal trainer Al “Muscles” Carter (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) and former TV leading man Ross Stein (David Pevsner).

The web series was created by Leon Acord, who plays Nathan Adler.

“I couldn't be prouder of the show this season,” Acord said in a statement. “The cast and crew really brought their 'A game' and the show looks amazing.”

In Fortunes Flip, the new season's first episode, Mo Gaffney (Absolutely Fabulous, That '70s Show) guest stars as Ross' divorce lawyer. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Upcoming guest stars this season also include Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Dark Shadows), Jim J. Bullock (Too Close for Comfort) and Bruce L. Hart (Saltwater), who will reprise his role as resident villain Nelson Van Eddy.