Stark black and white images of actors Zachary Quinto, Ellen Page and Samira Wiley and singer Sam Smith grace the covers of gay glossy Out's Out100 double issue.

“In our yearly portfolio, we capture the year's most entertaining, heroic, and compelling people, from all walks of life – including professional athletes, trans pioneers, actors, activists, designers, journalists, emerging musicians, artists, and dancers,” Out editors said in revealing the covers. “For our special 20th anniversary OUT100, 'On the Shoulders of Giants,' all of the subjects reference pivotal moments in LGBT history. Our four collectible covers for 2014 – featuring Sam Smith, Ellen Page, Zachary Quinto, and Samira Wiley – are no less inspiring.”

Sam Smith tugs at the collar of a leather bomber jacket above the caption “Breakout of the Year.”

Out's “Entertainer of the Year,” Ellen Page, is dressed in a tuxedo in her cover photo.

Meanwhile, Samira Wiley is dressed in nothing but pearls as she seduces in the title of “Ingenue of the Year.”

And Zachary Quinto, seated in a suit, is Out's “Artist of the Year.”

Each image hints at a story revealed inside.

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