Actress Florence Henderson says she can't understand parents who disown their gay kids.

The 80-year-old Henderson, who is best known for playing Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch, recently told's Greg Hernandez that a modern version of the Bradys would address LGBT issues.

“At the time that we actually did the show, they wouldn't have addressed that,” she said.

“But if the show were on today, I think it would definitely be addressed. After all, their father was gay,” Henderson added, a reference to the late Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady on the show.

Henderson added that many of her gay friends confided in her that they were disowned.

“And all of them, they all knew they were gay from the time they were 5 or 6 years old. The kids that have no place to go and the parents don't get it, don't understand and stop loving them. How can you do that to a child?”

“Who are we to judge anyone,” she added. “It always came natural for me to love people.”