In conceding defeat to incumbent Scott Peters on Sunday, Carl DeMaio stated that he was committed to broadening the base of the Republican Party.

DeMaio was one of three openly gay GOP candidates running for Congress in this election cycle, none of whom are headed to Washington.

But the race to represent the people of California's 52nd Congressional District, which includes a large part of San Diego, was so close that it was not called for Peters until Friday.

“It's clear that we are falling short in the vote counts and I wish Mr. Peters the best because I care so much about the interests of San Diego,” DeMaio, 40, told the AP.

“I'm incredibly proud of the inclusive and diverse campaign coalition that we forged and I remain committed to challenging the Republican Party to become more inclusive and more positive in its efforts to build a governing majority.”

Last-minute allegations of sexual harassment by a former campaign staffer who is gay rocked DeMaio's campaign.

DeMaio, who is a relationship with publisher Johnathan Hale, called the allegations “false” and “incredibly painful to me and my family.”

“And given that, all, including myself, must be wary of the state of journalism today and where electoral politics are heading,” he said.