Jack Falahee, who plays gay law student Connor Walsh on ABC's How To Get Away With Murder, says that he's not worried about being typecast in gay roles.

Peter Nowalk, who created the Shonda Rhimes executive produced show, previously said that Murder would not shy away from showing gay sex because “it's part of life.”

In the show's pilot, Connor is seen picking up, then bedding Oliver (played by Conrad Ricamora), an informant for a murder case. In subsequent episodes, Connor and Oliver appear to be developing a relationship.

“I think that all the sex scenes in the show are plot driven and/or character based,” Falahee told Attitude.

“Connor is at times driven by his sexual appetite, like many people in this world. He just happens to be gay.”

“I really didn't think twice about playing a character that is gay,” the 25-year-old Falahee added. “I was just excited to audition because Pete Nowalk wrote a compelling, smart and engaging pilot with real, multi-faceted characters.”