A Columbia, South Carolina man has asked to intervene in a federal case challenging the state's ban on gay marriage, claiming that such unions would force him to disobey God.

In asking to intervene in Bradacs v. Haley, Don Boyd describes himself as a “musician and psalmist, Anointed and Assigned as a Watchman for the souls of that people errantly identifying and calling themselves lesbian and gay.”

“Don Boyd should be granted to demonstrate that any decision of this Court effectively ratifying novel gay 'marriage' rights sought of Plaintiffs would violate established rights conferred by Amendments One and Fourteen of Constitution of the United States already practiced by Don Boyd. Foreseeably, the violations would be unending. Any ratifying decision of Court would create a catch-22 forcing Don Boyd to disobey God.”

Boyd argues that allowing gay couples to marry would deprive him of a personal life and compel him to “leave off worshiping THE LORD with music and psalms,” because he would be forced “to assume the life of a protester and wedding crasher.”

“Also under such ratification, I would be forced to continually violate the Seventh Day rest … in order to crash and warn/protest at gay weddings, the nature of which is opposite to 'rest,' prohibiting free exercise of religion wherein I am commanded to 'Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.'”

Exhibits presented in the brief include numerous photocopies of wedding announcements from local newspapers dating mostly from 2006. Wedding dates on the announcements have been circled with a marker.