Out country music singer-songwriter Chely Wright was recently asked by Rolling Stone Country whether her upcoming album will be gay.

The 44-year-old Wright, who is raising twin boys George Samuel and Everett Joseph with her wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wright, turned to Kickstarter to fund her next project.

Wright raised $250,000 during the 45-day campaign, enough money to produce a new album and a music video.

“It went gangbusters,” Wright said. “It was the sixth most successful music campaign in Kickstarter's history and the number one most successful campaign in country music in Kickstarter history. I say that, really, to just brag on my fans and the enthusiasm they have.”

“I was blown away [by the support],” she said.

When asked whether the record will be gay, Wright explained that “it will be gay by nature that I am gay. But I won't be singing about anything different than I've ever sung about before. The way I made records and wrote songs was perhaps the only way I ever felt authentic in my life. Even through being closeted, when I sang Single White Female … I'm trying to tell a great story.”

“Most of us in America in country music, whether we're gay, straight or bisexual, we really are about family and faith and country,” she added.