Appearing Saturday on ITV's The Jonathan Ross Show, former Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas said he's found true love with boyfriend Ian Baum.

Thomas publicly acknowledged he's gay in 2009 and retired from professional rugby in 2011.

The 40-year-old Welshman is currently promoting his memoir, Proud, which is published by Ebury Press.

Thomas and Baum met online and are currently living together.

When Ross asked Thomas about wedding plans, Thomas said that he was open to the possibility.

“We've known each other for two years and we've been living together for a year and I am very much in love with Ian, I'm extremely happy and I'm sure one day down the line,” Gareth said. “We're settling in but definitely I wouldn't write it off, because I really feel I've found my soulmate and the person I can spend the rest of my life with, I really do.”

Gareth also talked about his decision to come out and the effect it has had on others struggling with their sexuality.

“I didn't come out because I wanted to be the first person to do it and I was going to be a trailblazer, I came out because I came to a crossroads of living or dying. … I wanted to live,” Thomas said.

Thomas said that he gets thanked regularly by strangers for having the courage to come out.

“I have won every trophy that I can ever dream of winning. But when you affect somebody's life, in a way that this person is going to have a life that they never thought they could have because of me, stupid old me, because of that they could do that, it's amazing,” he said.