Irish singer Sinead O'Connor said this week that she hopes to have better luck with women than she's had with men.

O'Connor came out lesbian in 2000, calling herself a “dyke.” She married her fourth husband, therapist Barry Herridge, after a brief courtship in 2011. O'Connor announced 17 days later that the marriage was over. She issued a reunited announcement the following week.

“Having no joy anyway in the dating department,” O'Connor wrote on her blog. “I changed my 'I am seeking a' to 'woman' [on a dating site]. Just to see if I have any better luck. I notice at shows and generally life it's women who want to marry me and or 'do' me etc.”

“I been thinking for a few years anyway it ain't really working out with men. So we'll see what happens,” she added.

In a 2012 interview with gay glossy The Advocate, O'Connor, 47, rejected the label bisexual, saying she's “not sure if it's accurate.”