A 17-year-old teen from the greater Houston metropolitan area says that he was lured to a park and beaten because he's gay.

Dylan Beard of Baytown told Houston's KHOU that he was jumped at Jenkins Park.

“They lured me indirectly. They had one of their friends, who I'm also friends with, tell me to come up there and they walked up and did it,” Dylan said.

A girl was the first to hit him.

“Then two of her friends who are guys jumped in and they all started hitting me, got on the ground [and] hit me and punched me,” he said.

Jennifer Beard, Dylan's mother, said that the altercation left her son with a broken nose, as well as numerous other injuries.

“His face was swelled, his nose was broken, he bit through his tongue, his bottom teeth were chipped, his knees were scabbed everywhere,” she said.

Dylan added “It's tough being gay” because “we are out of the norm, I guess.”

The girl is facing an assault charge but Dylan's family wants officials to investigate the incident as a hate crime.