A champion bull rider in the gay rodeo circuit is among the contestants battling for $500,000 in Big Brother 10.

The CBS reality series pits 13 houseguests in challenges to win a big cash prize while having their lives broadcast 24/7. Over the years, Big Brother has played with the original formula of looking in on complete strangers as they form friendships and rivalries by pairing up ex-lovers, secret twin partners or long-lost siblings. In 10, producers have returned to using complete strangers.

This year's cast is very diverse, including a 75-year-old former marine, a professional bodybuilder and a Hooters waitress.

Steven Daigle, 35, whose bio lists his profession as geographic consultant is a bona fide gay rodeo champion who hails from Dallas, Texas. The Texas Gay Rodeo Association lists him as the 2006 bull riding champion. And, as host Julie Chen points out, what girl doesn't like a cowboy?

“I have women who – they are like – 'We are going to change you. You are going to be straight.' I just say, 'Sorry, you don't have what I'm looking for.',” said Daigle in a promotional video for the series.

Daigle seemed to be aware of the impact the show can have on a person's life. “If you make a mistake and say the wrong things, you may offend people and be known for that forever,” he told the AP. “People make mistakes. If I do make mistakes, I hope I can learn from it and know that was some part of my life that I was ignorant or uneducated about.”

Big Brother 10 is set to air on CBS July 13th.