Tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of Taipei on Saturday as the city celebrated its annual Gay Pride parade.

According to Taiwan LGBT Pride, the organizer of the event, an estimated 65,000 joined in the street party.

Organizers sought to create greater awareness of the LGBT community's diversity, Focus Taiwan reported.

“The LGBT community is so diverse and complicated,” said Albert Yang, a spokesman for Taiwan LGBT Pride. “Some people recognize only gays and lesbians, but there are also transgender, bisexual, intersexual and asexual people.”

“We hope there is a chance for these groups to be seen and heard,” he added. “It is only possible to talk more about [their rights] after they have become visible.”

Revelers urged lawmakers to approve a draft bill which would allow gay couples to marry. The bill has seen little progress since it cleared a first reading in the Legislative Yuan last year.