In calling for an “aggressive” front against marriage equality, a conservative group in Massachusetts has called on supporters to stop using “dumb arguments just because it feels good.”

Jeremy Hooper points us to MassResistance's 14-point plan to reverse the recent gains made by marriage equality supporters.

MassResistance calls on opponents “to start becoming aggressive, taking ground and charging forward.”

“Challenge the judges (and their clerks) who are openly biased taking these cases,” the group urges. “Confront the school boards that push this in the schools. Confront the reporters who twist the facts in their articles. Confront the businesses who march in their parades and fund their organizations. Confront the politicians who use your tax money to support their agendas, or who extend the 'public accommodation' laws to include perverse behaviors. And stand up to liberals everywhere who seek to intimidate you in social or business settings.”

The group's plan repeatedly calls for civil disobedience: “Do not recognize the absurd fiction of 'gay marriage' in any legal, business, or social venue. If you’re a baker, do not bake their cake and be very public about why. Do not go along with their agenda on any level, no matter what the price you must pay.”

And the group calls the main talking point used by groups such as the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) “dumb.”

In criticizing rulings striking down state marriage bans, NOM President Brian Brown has repeatedly argued that marriage equality will somehow lead to children losing a mother or a father.

“Marriage is not purely an emotional union – it is the only union that comprehensibly unites the sexes toward bringing children into the world and ensures children benefit from growing up with both a mother and a father,” Brown said in a blog post condemning a ruling striking down Kentucky's ban.

MassResistance blasted the argument as “completely ineffective.”

“Everyone knows that homosexuals don't need to get 'married' to raise kids,” the group said. “And there are millions of single-parent families that this argument offends. Trust us on this: Dumb arguments make our side sound stupid.”