The first gay couple to receive a marriage license in Arizona met in 1957 but didn't come out to their families until 2008.

According to the Arizona chapter of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Karen Bailey and Nelda Majors were the first couple to be issued a marriage license after a federal judge on Friday struck down the state's ban on gay marriage.

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The Scottsdale couple met in 1957 while attending college at Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas.

In a Why Marriage Matters Arizona video, the women said they never discussed their relationship with their families.

“Our parents never knew that we were gay,” Bailey said in the 14-minute profile.

The women explained that they were outed by a friend during a Houston City Council meeting.

Sue “invited us to her induction ceremony and wanted us to come to the City Council meeting afterwards, which we did. Each member was introducing his family, his children, how long they had been married. And when it got to Sue, she introduced her children and her sister and then she said that she wanted us to stand up and she proceeded to say what effect we had had on her life. And we stood up and we're fixing to sit down and then she just said, 'Oh by the way, they're celebrating their 50 years together,'” Bailey said.

“And that was our first outing with 3 television stations from Houston being there,” she added.

The women obtained custody of Bailey's great, great niece Sharla at the age of 4 and her sister Marissa at the age of 3. They plan to meet with a wedding planner on Monday.