A majority of Americans support the recent Supreme Court decision which effectively struck down bans on gay marriage in 11 states.

According to an ABC News / Washington Post poll of 1,006 adults released Friday, 56 percent of Americans support the decision, while 38 percent are opposed.

On October 6, the high court declined to hear appeals in cases challenging bans in five states – Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana, Virginia and Wisconsin – allowing lower court rulings ordering the states to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples to take effect.

Six states – North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wyoming, Kansas and Colorado – were indirectly affected as a result. Those states are in the same federal judicial districts as the five states stripped of their bans.

So far, North Carolina, West Virginia and Colorado have complied with the orders.

A majority (51%) in the 11 states affected also support the high court's decision. Forty-two percent said they were opposed.