Out singer Melissa Etheridge says people coming out is behind increasing support for gay marriage.

In an interview with Larry King to promote her latest studio album This is M.E., Etheridge was asked whether she was surprised by the relatively fast pace of “gay acceptance.”

“Were you surprised that the gay thing, the gay acceptance, happened so quick as compared to the civil rights movement?” King asked.

“Bush basically won his election because he was against gay marriage to just boom, not even 15 years later, we are talking, yes, we are seeing it roll out like this,” Etheridge responded.

“People coming out, that's what happened. People got the courage to come out. They became your neighbors and the people that you worked with and teachers at school, the people you love. You see these stories of people coming to the rescue, people that have been fired because they are gay.”

King followed up by asking whether Etheridge was surprised that many people decide to remain in the closet about their sexuality.

“I mean, now you would think, 'Why not?'” King said.

“Because it's still very much ingrained into our society that man and woman is correct. This is what we see on television, this is what we see in books, in magazines. That's the right thing. So, when you do realize that your preference of what you're made of might be different than that – yeah, it's still a very deep, personal journey,” Etheridge answered. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)