Right wing extremists turned a gay pride parade in Budapest, Hungary violent as they threw explosive devices, eggs, cobblestones and bottles at police and marchers Saturday, reports the Reuters news service.

Riot police used water cannons and tear gas to break-up the demonstrators. Forty five people were detained and 10 people were hurt by the violence.

Parade organizers had warned participants of the possibility of violence – advising people wear a helmet or carry a large umbrella.

Several prominent politicians were targeted by extremists. They slammed a stone through the window of the police car carrying Socialist European parliament member and human rights activist Katalin Levai and former undersecretary Gabor Szetey – the first openly gay Hungarian politician. Neither was seriously hurt.

“This is outrageous and shameful that some 20 years after the change of regime, this is what we have... such intolerance,” Levai told Reuters.

Homosexuality was decriminalized in eastern Europe after the collapse of communism. Hungary is set to recognize same-sex domestic partnerships in January.