Christian conservative and Colorado House candidate Gordon Klingenschmitt worries a meeting with gay rights activists might be a setup to pie him in the face.

Klingenschmitt, a vocal opponent of gay rights, has refused to meet with three members of the Colorado Springs LGBT community, citing a full schedule until after the fall election.

In a letter to the rights activists, Klingenschmitt said he would only agree to meet with them after his “security staff” has deemed it would be a “safe meeting,” The Gazette reported.

In an email, Klingenschmitt wrote: “Sadly, I've received threats from people who hate religious freedom, and I wonder if the following video is representative of the behavior of some people with whom you are inviting me to meet?”

Klingenschmitt attached a video of anti-gay rights activist Anita Bryant getting a pie thrown in her face during a live 1977 television interview. Bryant cried as the pie ran down her face. Later, as one of the men who threw the pie spoke to a news crew, Bryant's husband at the time, Bob Green, pied him in the face with a pie one of the activists was carrying.

“If such a meeting is ever arranged,” Klingenschmitt wrote, “I would require advance notice of the names, addresses, and sufficient information for a background check on each attendee, which if provided at your expense could certainly ease our concerns and hasten our ability to meet in person to discuss any potential future collaboration together as fellow citizens of the Great State of Colorado.”

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