New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Thursday that states should be allowed to decide whether gay couples can marry.

“We've resolved that issue in New Jersey through the courts,” the Republican governor said. “We are now moving forward as an administration in terms of enforcing the law as the court has interpreted it and each state should have their opportunity to be able to make that decision through their process.”

A possible 2016 presidential candidate, Christie vetoed a marriage law approved by lawmakers in 2012. The following year, Christie accepted a court's order striking down the state's ban after the New Jersey Supreme Court refused to set aside the decision.

Christie's remarks come less than a week after the Supreme Court refused to hear appeals in cases challenging bans in five states, effectively legalizing such unions in 11 states.

He added that the issue should not be settled by the nation's highest court.

“I do not believe that this is something that should be imposed from the United States Supreme Court down to the states,” he said.

Earlier this week, Christie passed on the opportunity to weigh in on the justices' decision, saying he had not “had a chance to read” the details of the case.