Openly out actor Leslie Jordan has confessed his perfect man would be Matt Lauer.

The Will & Grace star told that Matt Lauer is his perfect man. “The biggest crush I ever had was Matt Lauer. He was on Will & Grace and I've never had this happen before. I am pretty good talking to anybody. I was like a shy Japanese girl behind my hand fan. Every time he came around all I could do was giggle. I think maybe he thought I was autistic or something. I couldn't even look at him. He just did it for me.”

When asked if he was ready to get hitched in California, the Emmy-award winning actor said, “I think if I met the right person. I am just afraid I'll end up with some hustler, fall in love with the rent boy, take me for all I am worth. No. I think I am gonna find somebody, someday I think.”

Jordan, 53, returns to television on July 23rd in Sordid Lives: The Series on cable channel Logo. He'll reprise his movie role of “Brother Boy,” Matriarch Peggy Ingram's son who has lived his life dressed-up as Tammy Wynette and is locked up in a mental institution where he “recovers” from a bad case of “homosexualism” and a touch of transvestitism.