Groups opposed to marriage equality on Monday condemned a US Supreme Court decision effectively legalizing such unions in 11 states.

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Bryan Fischer of the Christian conservative American Family Association (AFA) railed against the court's action on his Focal Point radio show.

“This is the de facto Roe vs. Wade of sodomy-based marriage,” Fischer told his audience. “It's going to be virtually impossible now to stop this press and push for nationalizing, imposing on every state in the union marriage that is based on the infamous crime against nature.”

“The Supreme Court just imposed same-sex marriage on 11 additional states. It's unconscionable, unconstitutional and completely, absolutely un-American.”

Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver accused the court of “a total dereliction of duty.”

“The responsibility for the undermining of marriage rests solely at the U.S. Supreme Court. Last year's decision in the Defense of Marriage Act case that started this fire, and today's decision to watch marriage burn to ashes is the responsibility of the Supreme Court,” he said in a statement.

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Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), warned that the ruling would lead to people losing their livelihoods.

“The Court decision ensures that the debate over natural marriage will continue and the good news is that time is not on the side of those who want to redefine marriage,” Perkins said. “As more states are forced to redefine marriage, contrary to nature and directly in conflict with the will of millions, more Americans will see and experience attacks on their religious freedom. Parents will find a wedge being driven between them and their children as school curriculum is changed to contradict the morals parents are teaching their children. As more and more people lose their livelihoods because they refuse to not just tolerate but celebrate same-sex marriage, Americans will see the true goal, which is for activists to use the Court to impose a redefinition of natural marriage on the entire nation.”