Nickelodeon on Tuesday will air a special episode of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee focusing on the experiences of gay teens.

According to a Nickelodeon press release, the episode, titled Coming Out, will follow “the everyday lives of gay kids as they face fear, acceptance, bullying, isolation, encouragement, ignorance, showing how straight and non-straight teens can come together to triumph over bullying.

“I'm not a special case,” Marcel, 13, said. “There are many people who are my age, and are gay. And you [kids] can say, 'Well, I don't know any gay people.' You probably do, but they're probably not out to you.”

Ellerbee, an Emmy-winning journalist, said: “It takes bravery for a kid to come out. Being accepted by straight people is not a given. Being young and 'different' is not easy. This may be tough to talk about, or hear about, but this is important stuff. Not addressing it doesn't make it go away.”

A Nickelodeon source told IBTimes that the show would not include transgender teens.

Mark Snyder of the Transgender Law Center responded: “Visibility is incredibly important. It saves lives and makes a huge impact for those who feel isolated. Hopefully, Nick will feature transgender youth in future projects, and TLC would be thrilled to collaborate on such a project.”