General Mills last week released a Cheerios ad featuring a gay couple talking about how they connected and started a family.

The 3-minute ad is part of a social media campaign called the Cheerios Effect, described by the company's marketers as “Just like two Os in a bowl, we all love to connect.”

In the commercial, Andre explains that it was love at first sight upon meeting Jonathan on a blind date.

“We couldn't keep all this luck and love for ourselves,” Andre says in the commercial. “We needed to share. So the idea of becoming a dad was really increasing with time.”

The men said they fell in love instantly upon meeting their adopted daughter, Raphaëlle.

“If Raphaëlle has a problem [with having] two dads, it's not going to be our fault,” Jonathan says, a reference to outsiders who remain opposed to gay parenting. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)