Out singer Melissa Etheridge said this week that she married her best friend.

Etheridge, who is promoting her latest studio album This is M.E., appeared Wednesday on David Stern's radio show, where she performed her iconic hit Come To My Window.

Etheridge, who has 4 children from two previous relationships, and Linda Wallem, the creator of Showtime's Nurse Jackie, married in May.

Etheridge explained that she met Wallem, who became her best friend, shortly after she began dating actress Tammy Lynn Michaels.

“What happened is after the breakup and it was awful and I found myself in the house,” Etheridge said. “And I said, 'Will you actually come live with me and help me with my kids?' And so she came and stayed in the guest room.”

“Really what happened, it was a beautiful moment. We were in the kitchen, the kids were all around. I looked at her [and said], 'Oh my gosh, where is the sippy cup?' And she looked across the kitchen at me and said, 'Well dear.' And we are having a married relationship without all the good stuff.”

“And then I started thinking, 'Well maybe.'”

Etheridge added that their first kiss was mutual and very romantic.