Minnesota-based retailer Target on Wednesday released a 1-minute ad starring a married, pregnant lesbian couple.

In the ad, titled Baby Digs: The Magic of Space, Amanda Deibert, an actress and writer, and Cat Staggs, a comic book illustrator, discuss their hopes and dreams for their child.

“I hope that the baby has Cat's talent,” Deibert says in the ad.

“I hope it has her quick wit,” Staggs says.

“We want our child to know that anything is possible and that there's also nothing wrong with and everything right with pursuing knowledge and learning about the world,” Deibert says.

“Or traveling to space,” Staggs adds. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for additional videos.)

The couple, who married in Central Park three years ago, told lesbian entertainment blog AfterEllen.com that Target compensated their appearance in the ad with a nursery.

“We both thought it would be amazing to have so much of our nursery needs taken care of and also loved the idea of showing an authentic lesbian family in a mainstream commercial,” Deibert said. “Obviously, Target dug that too.”

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