Christian conservative Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), has warned of “deadly consequences” for Christians who oppose marriage equality.

On Monday, Perkins hosted Kansas Representative Mike Pompeo, a Republican, on his Washington Watch radio show.

Following the interview, Perkins attempted to link the actual persecution of Christians in places such as Iraq and Sudan to domestic incidents.

Perkins said the Untied States needs more “courageous” political leaders who are willing to speak out against “politically correct” opinions on issues such as Islam and gay rights.

“There are correlations, Congressman Pompeo talked about this,” Perkins told a caller. “The correlation of the persecution of the church abroad and this intolerance here at home. When we allow political correctness to choke the voices of Christians here at home, no matter what the issue is, but most prominently these days it's over the issue of the redefinition of marriage and homosexuality.”

“Look, it's very straightforward, it's very clear. And when we refuse to speak, it has deadly consequences,” he added.