Priscilla Presley believes Elvis would have appreciated Adam Lambert's talent.

Lambert is among the 75 celebrities photographed by Christopher Ameruoso wearing Elvis' collection of iconic sunglasses for the book Shades of Elvis.

Others featured in the book include Johnny Depp, Elton John, Ozzy Osborne, Snoop Dogg, Robert Plant, Cher, Steven Tyler, Celine Dion and Willie Nelson.

“First and foremost [Lambert's] very talented,” Presley told “He's a full-fledged entertainer and he isn't afraid to take risks. He's a showman from the inside and out.”

When asked whether Elvis would have been a “Glambert,” Presley answered that she believes he would have been.

“Elvis liked anyone who was beyond good at what they did. Adam challenges himself. Always striving to be the best he can be at anything he does. He's passionate about his work and it shows. How can anyone not appreciate that in a performer?” she rhetorically asked.