In introducing former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum at Values Voter Summit, Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), said the Republican Party should campaign on its opposition to marriage equality and abortion rights.

Brown suggested that Republicans would win more elections if they nominated more social conservatives.

Brown lauded Santorum as a “champion for our values.”

“He's someone who has stood up time and time again in defense of the truth about marriage, in defense about the truth about the nature of human life and human dignity. And he's someone I've looked up to for a long time,” Brown said.

“Now there are some, as many of you know, within the Republican Party that think it would be a good idea to take the three legs of the [Republican] stool – social conservatives, economic conservatives, foreign policy conservatives – take the three legs and just get rid of that social conservative leg.”

“But those of us in this room know that that is the exact way that we've been losing elections, not winning them.”

“The simple truth is you cannot blame social conservatives for lost elections when you spent over $1 billion and in almost no ads did you mention marriage or life. It's not our fault,” Brown added.