Hollywood actors Daniel Radcliffe and Cameron Diaz are among the celebrities included in an Arabic network's list of openly gay celebrities.

The Dubai-based Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) reaches roughly 150 million Arabic speakers worldwide.

Radcliffe, who is not gay, and Diaz, who has only said she's attracted to women, are listed among openly gay celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Ricky Martin in a so-called “List of Disgrace” from a show called Scoop with Raya, which is hosted by Raya Abirached.

Diaz has had long-term public relationships with video producer Carlos de la Torre, actor Matt Dillon, actor-singer Jared Leto, actor-singer Justin Timberlake and baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

The piece also incorrectly claimed that Elton John wore a wedding dress when he married partner David Furnish. John announced in March plans to marry Furnish in England. The couple, who are raising two boys, are in a civil partnership.

Others included in the list were Neil Patrick Harris, Jodie Foster and Lindsay Lohan.