A California church which has refused to condemn gay unions has been ousted from the Southern Baptist Convention.

According to ABPNews.com, the vote to expel New Heart Community Church in La Miranda took place Tuesday in Nashville and was unanimous.

The SBC Executive Committee said it was ousting New Heart because it no longer meets the definition of a “cooperating church” as described in the SBC constitution, which forbids congregations from acting “to affirm, approve or endorse homosexual behavior.”

The move comes in response to Pastor Danny Cortez's declaration that he no longer believes that being gay is a sin. Cortez cited his son's coming out in announcing his change of heart.

Instead of removing Cortez, the congregation at New Heart voted on May 18 to become a “Third Way” church, which is neutral on the issue.

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Cortez reportedly met with the subcommittee that brought the recommendation to the floor. He said after the vote that he wasn't speaking to the media.